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Learn everything you need to know about the Enterprise Investment Scheme.



The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is more relevant to you than you may realise.

In essence, the EIS incentivises investment in small businesses by giving investors tax benefits (You can read the nitty gritty here). But that’s actually not the most important part. The most important part is why the EIS is needed at all.



“In the UK, high growth small businesses represent 1% of the business population. In spite of their size, this small pool of companies generates 23% of the UK’s new job growth.”

Anyadike-Danes, 2013

Our economy — in a post- COVID, post-Brexit society — is in tatters.

Investment in large corporations struggle to show substantial growth. Why?

Because they’re already grown up!

Todays gain gets corrected the following and it feels like you’re going around in circles.

What the economy needs is a kickstart to its growth. And the biggest growth potential starts at the very bottom. Enterprise. Ideas with oomph!

Ironically, despite the small business universe being critical to stabilising the economy, it is more difficult than ever for these founders and business owners to access capital.



At the same time, more of these fledgling businesses are being formed than at any other point in history.

We no longer need factories or premises to build a business; we’re better connected and better integrated than ever before.

This is the Information Age! All we need is a powerful idea and a computer, and we could have the next big revolution on our hands.

 Funding facilitates the growth of these ideas into formidable businesses, and in some cases, into mythical Tech Unicorns, which aren’t just successful; they totally redefine the landscape.


“It wasn't the people selling candles that invented the lightbulb”

So, you can see why EIS is such an important stimulator.

The next question is: well, it’s one thing to have access to the incentive, but how do I get access to the opportunity?

That’s where NurtureTech comes in. Our specific role is to link capital with enterprise. Using our keen eye, we find businesses that have high growth potential, and we present them to qualified investors like you.

EIS is more than just a tax incentive. It is the lynchpin between the success of start-up businesses — people with billion-dollar ideas — and your high growth potential.



And if that’s something that piques your interest, you’re in the right place.

If you’d be open to having a more detailed conversation about your financial future, simply fill out the form here or pick up the phone. No pressure. We’ll talk openly and honestly about things and figure out if we’re a good fit. Then, we can take it from there.

The future looks exciting, doesn’t it? We can’t wait to see you there.


Want to know more about EIS?

For more information on EIS including income tax relief, capital gains tax exemption, download our brochure

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