He knows exactly what’s on all the investors’ minds.

NurtureTech does a great job at keeping me up to date on my investments and hold my hand throughout the process.

Graham Foster

Ex-Construction Business Owner

Graham Forster is an Ex-Construction Business Owner.

“I accept risk as part of the challenge for any gain. I think you minimise that risk by the people you have around you, to mitigate that risk. Conceptually, you can have a great idea, but it has to be backed up by the people running it. NurtureTech has always been great at communication and hand-holding – which is essential for investors.”

People like to know that they’re still in the family.

“I decided to invest because I wanted to get my money into something where I didn’t have to work so hard. I knew the tech market was where the future is at, so it was the question of how to get involved. Initially, I was very cautious. I got in contact with NurtureTech, and they told me to invest in a certain company, but I held off. Three months later, the shares had gone up nine times, and I figured this was only just the beginning. Since then, the shares have gone up even more.”

“Sadeq has been very good with keeping in contact with me – telling me about new innovations, inviting me down for meetings.. He’s very friendly, open, and he listens. He’s a people’s person and he’s quite passionate about what he does – he believes in what he’s doing and seems to do a lot of work on whether he’s taking on a new thing or not. From an investor’s point of view, he knows exactly what’s on all the investors’ minds.”

My investment has exceeded expectations

"I invested because it was a new venture – a new startup. It was an EIS one, so you can get tax benefits. My investment has exceeded expectations.John Woodford is a retired Materials Handling Engineer, entrepreneur and ex-business owner. The business has grown quite...

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