Sadequl Haque, Founder 

One of the things that can change your life is a book.


My journey here started with a book I read in my early twenties. Written by a billionaire inventor & futurist.

I felt like I’d been given a peephole into the future. But when sharing this foresight, it felt a bit silly. Cast your mind back to the early 2000s and imagine this enthused kid telling you about AI and robots.  About microchip implants that will make you see, hear, and think better.

I tried convincing people that the gulf between a normal person and a microchip-implanted person would be greater than that to a man and chimpanzee!

Mostly people laughed it off, but some maybe nervously.  Even now, its still hard to fathom this future but I was blown away and flustered about being left behind. 

I believe your future is what you make it.


Fast forward nearly 20 years and its panned out pretty much how this futurist saw it.

He wrote in tremendous depth about smartphones, digital currency, wireless internet, social network platforms, tablets, the list can go on and on.

His prior book to that predicted that the World Chess Champion would get beaten by a computer program by 1998. And it happened, World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, conceded defeat to IBM’s Deep Blue in 1997. Chess used to be the game used to measure creativity and logic; feats that were (and probably still are) deemed beyond algorithms, machine learning and AI.

Today we live in world where we know what the outcome will be when algorithm plays man in a lot of things. But it’s not just Space Invaders and games anymore.  AI and Machine Learning is deeply imbedded in the world we’re living in now. Failing to adopt it in business and the business will cease to exist. Think of the equivalent being a business today without a website.

Even though I passed on computer science, I felt determined to be a part of this new wave, a future that was daunting if you were left behind.

In my eyes, another California Gold Rush was taking place, but this time for the atomic number 14.


If I am hopeless of mining myself, I will produce the shovels to give to the ones who can.

– Sadequl Haque


A career in brokering honed my skills at building long lasting relationships. Different to one-off sales, placing emphasis on building relationships based on trust and sincerity.

At the heart of every great venture there is a relationship. And at the heart of every relationship, there is someone who has put in the time and energy to bring it to life.

It will be the fierce, driven savvy pioneers that redefine our future and not just a business plan. When it comes to start-ups, the lack of a track record requires an entrepreneurial mindset. The rule of thumb is to follow the person or people and not the company. A company is simply just a group of people with a common goal.

These are the people I am constantly seeking out. These are the opportunities I can put in front of you; opportunities based on the person, their individual fire, tenacity, and specialist know-how. The secret to meaningful growth is people, connecting them and collaborating with them. With the out-of-the-box thinkers, the pioneers, the mavericks, and futurists alike.

Its natures law, in the beginning two cells conjoined and life on earth happened. In business it is the same, there is a mandatory partnership:

Capital longs for enterprise, and enterprise longs for capital. The two need to meet in order to birth something new. Without this pairing, successful businesses would not exist. Without them, technological progress would grind to a halt.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

An African Proverb

At times it’s who, and not what

We at NurtureTech honestly believe that financial freedom should be as easy as meeting a friend of a friend. Your next great venture could just be a conversation away. All that remains is a connection to be made.

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