Why Invest in Tech?

“Because of the explosive nature of exponential growth, the 21st Century will be equivalent to twenty thousand years of progress at today’s rate of progress; about one thousand times greater than the 20th Century.” – Ray Kurzweil

We are not equipped with sharp canines, hooked claws, or venomous fangs. We have carved our place in the world with our brilliant minds, the power of foresight, and the ability to collaborate. We as a species progress through developing new processes and technologies. Cast your mind back 20 years and ponder for a moment the technologies that have developed in that time. It does become apparent that Kurzweil is onto something. The world is speeding up!

We will all get to watch new, exciting technologies be developed that we may have never dreamed of. And then there are those savvy modern mavericks that choose not to just sit back and be spectators to the innovation. Choosing instead to be involved in the development of it. Dreaming big and winning big. Deciding to take control of their futures.



Greatest opportunities arise in the shifts of wealth

For hundreds of years, an exceedingly small portion of the population hoarded all the power and wealth. The schism between noble aristocrats and peasants existed because wealth resided in land and estate.

Britain’s Industrial Revolution shifted the power and wealth from land to production. Factories were built, mass labour was hired, and innovation was celebrated. New industries popped up, and great bounds were made in science, engineering, and manufacturing. The Industrial Revolution gave birth to investment and banking. Those who invested in change rather than running from it built a legacy for their families, who are still benefitting from the security of generational wealth that these pioneers provided. The Industrial Revolution proved that those who take a chance on change will be rewarded.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, we saw another wave of growth. New manufacturing techniques like mass production were being used, and new systems were put in place. This age brought us the invention of the motor car, railroad networks, gas and water supplies, sewage systems, and the widespread availability of electricity. This age changed the way people lived, worked, and communicated forever. And with new markets emerging, investment opportunities skyrocketed. Wall Street as we know it was born, and the first billion-dollar company was formed by J. P. Morgan.

If we fast-forward to today, power and wealth has shifted from production to information. All the biggest companies of today run on data: Google, Facebook, Microsoft and even Amazon work by providing databases. In the information age, we are both the consumer and the product. The investors who have understood the power of information have been able to access the wealth of opportunities at the forefront of this revolution. And as technology develops exponentially, so do investment opportunities.

There has never been a better time to invest. Modern technologies have made investment easier and more accessible than ever before. The birth of innovation can be anywhere. But make no mistake: accessibility has not diluted the potential for growth. In fact, between 2015 and 2019 the number of billion-dollar companies increased by more than double.

Tech companies dominate the world of billion-dollar companies and grow faster than any other sector. Crucially, tech companies are shooting to a billion dollars in a shorter timeframe. These companies are known as tech unicorns: companies that reach a valuation exceeding a billion dollars before an acquisition or going public by listing on a stock exchange. The term unicorn was coined in 2013, using the mythical creature to signify the rarity of such companies. Ironically, the world is churning out more and more of these unicorns, and they’re growing faster and faster.

We’re already familiar with these companies as they’ve gone on to become household names, some being so ingrained in society now that you can’t imagine your life without them. Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Uber, and Airbnb to name a few. Some have gone on to become the biggest companies in the world like Facebook and Alibaba for instance.

We at NurtureTech, remember that every big company was once a small startup. Maybe it was just a person or even a small group of people with a good idea. And just like most things in this world when at its infancy, it may have needed a helping hand, giving it a chance to make that good idea prevail. That helping hand is what we aspire to be at NurtureTech.

If you’re looking for growth when investing, it makes a world of sense to look at what makes us grow as a species. Interested in our take on what areas of technology will shape our future?

Feel free to join us on our journey.

Written in collaboration with Maliha Shoaib’

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